Will You Love Me Forever?

When I first heard those words, I wasn’t sure I could answer. Could I love somebody forever? How would I know? Is it even possible?

Well, this is where people have not learned what love truly is. If love was an emotion, we could not and would not know. But love is not an emotion. Love is a commitment. Love is a choice, so if you ask me that question now, I can say without hesitation that YES, yes I will love you forever! I choose to love you because that is what I want and choose.

When people say that they have fallen out of love with their spouse, they haven’t. They have only made the choice to quit loving them. They want out of the marriage. They want to stop fighting for their spouse. It is a choice to “fall out of love” with somebody.

If you say you don’t really understand what love is, then try to understand who God is. God is love and He loves without conditions, without us earning it. He loves because it is who He is. His love is unconditional! How amazing is that? How much more amazing would it be if we chose to love unconditionally like He does? Even though we sin and are imperfect, He loves us.

So to my husband, “Without a doubt in my mind or heart, yes I will love you forever!” Not because you are perfect or even because you deserve it. I choose to love you without hesitation. I choose to love you with every breath that I have. I will love you ’til death do us part because that was and will always be my promise to you before God and man. 💜heart-996157_960_720


One comment

  1. Chuck Smith · February 8, 2015

    I love you always and forever~

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