Your Breakthrough is Coming

I saw a video today that literally made me weep. It was a group of men from Syria digging in the ground until they came upon an arm, then a head, and much later on in the video, finally, the whole body….of a toddler. This toddler was rubbing his/her eyes and was ALIVE! I don’t know how long this small child was buried alive, but they didn’t give up. I don’t even know if it was a boy or a girl because it just wasn’t that clear. All I know is that God has a plan for this child’s life and this child never gave up. Death tried to come for this child and this child didn’t give up! How many times have we given up? I know we struggle and get frustrated and feel like we are alone, but we are never alone. God has promised He would never leave us or forsake us. I just want to give you some hope today.

Don’t give up! Your breakthrough is coming….