GPSThis is an amazing word and if anybody knows somebody in this area of the world, please share this with them! God is doing His work in so many countries. This is courtesy of Gateway Prophetic School and Chuck Smith out of Charlotte, NC, who is a recognized Prophet.

I heard the Lord speaking to Melbourne and saying “You are not the least amongst the cities that I have a plan for in these days. There is a prophetic mantle being placed on you as a city, you will be a hub of My glory and a center for the plans of the Lord. Much will proceed out of you in the days to come. The economy will be blessed to bless the church, and there will be economic prophets ready to direct funds into kingdom purposes as naturally as they breathe.

You will be a pattern of how the governing of the Kingdom comes into a city.” When I was praying the other day I saw a picture of Jesus coming into Melbourne humble, and on a donkey, and I am hearing Him say; “Just as I moved towards a great victory in great humility, so the Kingdom things will start humbly in Melbourne, but then there will be a quick acceleration to a finished work. It will start humbly, it will start in the children. Children in Melbourne will understand the ways of the Spirit and the fire of God better than many adults. They will be BOLD, running to the battle like someone who is convinced there is no chance of losing. Aspects of the media will be given to you people of Melbourne. You won’t have to beg or borrow or steal, the Lord says media is going to open up for Kingdom purposes. I tell you I have in my plans for your city to be an example of how the Kingdom invades earth. The kingdom of Melbourne will become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. Click here to read more…