Alternative Lifestyle

I love to watch the news. I like to know what is going on in the world, nation, and locally. I don’t ever want to be ignorant about politics and where my vote goes. I have seen the news releases where NBC talked about the alternative lifestyle a member of the USA Olympic team had because he is married to a woman and has a young child. He also says he goes to church and could see himself being a Pastor in the future. HUH!!!??? Since when has God’s definition of two becoming one become an alternative lifestyle? 

I have been reading the bible in a year together with my husband this year. If I am honest, reading much of the Old Testament is difficult for me. I have grown up in an era where life and Christianity is all about God’s grace and mercy. While I know we would all probably be dead if it wasn’t for His grace and mercy; I think we live in a society where we rely too much on God’s grace and mercy. We do first; ask forgiveness later because we know God is a merciful and forgiving God. I am grateful for His love and grace and mercy; don’t get me wrong. Uzzah was killed for touching the Ark of the Covenant. Lot’s wife was turned to a pillar of salt when she disobediently turned to look back. Nadab and Abihu were consumed with fire after offering unauthorized fire before the Lord. 

The scripture is filled with people like that who were disobedient to God’s laws and paid the price. The presence of God is a sacred thing. We are blessed to have His presence constantly with us. We are blessed to be able to ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Why then, when we find ourselves at a crossroads where we can choose to sin or not sin, do we choose to sin?! We rely on God’s grace. Instead of trying to live as the Holy Spirit leads us to live, we attempt to change laws; we try to talk our way out of doing the right thing because it is now unpopular. God’s word never changes. 

God’s view of marriage is not an alternative lifestyle. People can fight it, argue against it, belittle others who disagree, but love is not love. God is love. If God is love and God is against homosexuality, beastiality, and all perversion; then those things are not love. We need to love each other whether or not somebody is a homosexual or sinning in any other form. God loves all of us, and we all sin, but God still loves us. 

As I read the Old Testament and see all these people who lacked a true fear of God actually die from disobedience, I wonder what will happen to this nation. Every day I watch the news and every day I can only pray for forgiveness and grace and mercy because today I woke up to living in an alternative lifestyle, and wonder, what will the world attempt to do to Jesus next?