Onward I Will Go!

I found out today that I am one year from graduating with a double major. I was pretty excited considering I feel like I have been on this path for so long now. I am graduating sooner than I previously thought and with another major since I have been taking some serious course loads. I am so excited and I feel a renewed sense of strength now that I see an end in sight. I can see the end of one thing and a whole new world of opportunities opening up.

As I pondered this throughout the day, I realized that my spiritual walk can be like this at times. It can feel like this long walk that at some point, will have its rewards, but I must just suffer through it. How sad is that!? I should feel this renewed strength on my daily walk as I delve into the scriptures and pray and worship my King. I should never feel like I am trudging along this bleak path. I felt a little convicted as I thought this through.

Yes, we go through valleys and difficult times, but our life should show His fruits. We should be filled with His love and joy and peace. We should be running this race and not dragging our feet and stumbling every step. God is with us all the way. He said He will never leave us or forsake us. What a promise that is!