Boys Will Be Boys!

I find myself all too often trying to stop my boys from being boys. No, I don’t mean that literally, but when they take off to jump in a muddy puddle as toddlers, I scramble to keep their clothes, hands, and faces clean. I have to remember that boys are boys. They love to get dirty and not take a bath after. I wrote a post before about going to extremes, and this seems to be another way I go to extremes. I may ever have those toddlers or young boys who are dressed in adorable outfits that stay pristine clean, but they are the best boys ever. I don’t want to squelch their curiosity; which may get them wet, muddy, dirty, scrapes, cuts, or boo boos. 

I love my boys and I don’t ever want to cheat them out of being boyish and dirty. In fact, perhaps I would have more fun getting in the dirt with them. I bet I will have way more great memories of them having fun being dirty than of me constantly trying to keep them in perfect cleanliness! Time to relax and play with my boys!