Truth in the Silence

So it’s been a while. I’ve truly missed writing out my thoughts and what I see as those teachable moments. A bit of time has passed. I’m still at my same job that I started just over 5 years ago. I’m still a worship leader at my church. I love both. To be honest, which I like to think I always am, I get a little scared to write about my thoughts and opinions any more. What if I say something that offends somebody? You know what I have found in my lifetime thus far? The Word of God can sometimes offend. You think Jesus went through his life without offending people; especially the Pharisees?

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Jesus spoke the truth, but He always managed to speak in love. God is love. That’s a fact. So how do I speak the truth while showing God’s love to people I don’t agree with?

There are two things I have had to learn in my life; when I should speak, and when I should stay silent. I can’t say I totally have it down. Ask my friends. They will tell you I open my mouth too much and they probably wish I wouldn’t. I was raised in a home where lies were a foundation laid by my mother. It messed me up. I hate lies. I can say I’ve learned in the last few years that telling the truth every chance you can does not work either. I’m not saying that you lie, but you can keep silent. That’s been a tough one for me; keeping silent. There are also times when I’ve spoken the truth to people and those words are wasted. Sometimes there are those people that are too blinded to see the truth. I imagine that at some point in the future those seeds that I’ve planted will take root and begin to blossom. What if they don’t? What if I’ve not only frustrated myself, but I’ve actually done the opposite of what I’ve hoped to do? I’ve not planted those seeds of truthfulness. I’ve not helped those people I’ve spoken out to. I’ve actually pushed people farther from the truth. Is that even possible?

Well, I’m here to say yes it is possible.

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I’ve hurt people I care about in the name of speaking the truth. It’s not an easy lesson for me. Maybe some people naturally know when to speak up and when it’s not the time. I’ve learned social cues for the most part. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about those moments when your friend isn’t asking literal questions. They are venting and trying to figure things out in their own mind, but you are the sounding board and your job is to only listen. When you are asked a question, you answer, but you answer minimally.

Those moments that people are arguing, or only trying to stir up trouble and animosity, that is not the time to give so much of yourself. It’s not fertile ground to be speaking into. It’s dry, hurting, angry, and hostile ground that will not only take the truth, but attempt to hurt you in the process.

Be truthful, but being silent doesn’t mean you aren’t saying anything. Do Christians need to always keep silent? Absolutely not! Do Christians always need to be speaking truth? Yes, but that doesn’t always mean with words. Live a good and Godly life. Be there when your friends need you even if your silence speaks the most truth. Speak the truth when necessary, loudly, and don’t be afraid to speak the truth in your silence.

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