A Seed Planted

roses-1155986_1280About 6 months ago my husband and I sold our first home we owned. We felt it was the right decision for us for several reasons. We hope to purchase a new home in the next year or two. We went to visit some friends that still live in our old neighborhood recently and we drove by our old house. It was a little weird seeing my old house with different cars in front of it and different furniture on the front porch. I saw my old lawn that I took special care all last summer to get rid of all weeds and keep it looking really nice. 6 months later it was filled with weeds everywhere and unkempt.

flower-3166267_1280What really stood out to me more than that was my old flower beds. I had planted bushes and flowers and perennials. The annuals had died last winter in the cold temperatures, but with the early warm temperatures for springtime, the perennials were growing beautifully already. These seeds and bulbs I planted were still coming up and showing their beauty.  This little moment of seeing something I planted bearing fruit was such a moment of joy to me.

Of course a moment like this would have to show up in my blog, because everything is a teachable moment to me. We have people come and go in our lives. I don’t know about you, but I always wonder if I’ve left any impact on them. I have always hoped that if nothing else, I’ve planted seeds in people. I have come across people that I’ve known earlier in my life, who have told me about how I have impacted their life in some way. I’m not a well known person and I may never be, but I am who God made me to be. My life is not perfect and my past is not everything I’m proud of, but I pray that every person who has come into my life has been somewhat impacted by me in a good way.

What about you? Are the people you’ve come across in your life going to have beauty spring up in them because of the good you’ve planted in them? A warm smile for somebody on a dark day for them could be the seed you plant. A hug or kind words for that person in your life when they don’t expect it can be a seed planted. Maybe your kindness and words of counsel are the water needed to help somebody else’s seed grow.

Be encouraged today. Just like the love and kindness of others has planted seeds in you that are part of your beauty, you are a part of someone else’s beauty as well. garden-587604_1280


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