Band aids and Kisses

bandage-1235337__340My five year old is still at the stage where a kiss and and band aid will help pretty much any ailment. Currently, one of his arms and both legs are covered in his new PJ Masks band aids. They are covering bruises and red marks I’m not sure I can even see.

I’ve explained to my sons many times before, that band aids are a temporary fix. If you are bleeding, they are amazing, but nothing heals a wound better than keeping it uncovered. The same goes for adults. We make attempts to cover up wounds and offenses with temporary fixes. We don’t want to deal with issues so we pretend things are fine until one day, we realize we have gaping wounds that are completely infected and spreading to other areas.

Sounds a little gross right? We all do it. Somebody offends us and we tuck it away. Somebody says something hurtful about you, and you cover it up with toughness and determination, possibly with a little revenge tossed in to show them they messed with the wrong person. A close family member or friend does something truly horrible, and we ignore the pain and try to pretend it didn’t happen. We don’t want to confront, cause trouble, have somebody not like us, or stir up any additional issues that may come up. We would rather take our chances on the wounds naturally healing than to deal with it.

It’s time to deal with things. It’s time to allow healing to happen so that we can be the sons and daughters of God that we are supposed to be. My gaping wound was with my mother, but it had spread like a disease to infect all relationships with women. I didn’t trust them and would rather not deal with them at all. I believed all women lied and manipulated. I had to deal with the root of the issue. I had to forgive my mother for her severe inadequacies. I had to dig in deep and clean out all the disease of unforgiveness and bitterness that begins to build up. I had to learn how to clean this wound, and move on to other wounds and get them cleaned up. I had to confront my mother, which ultimately led to her cutting me and my family out of her life. It started another battle of unkindness and lies and hatred toward me that can still take my breath away. It has made me be a better mother to my children. It has helped me be a better wife to my husband. I’ve cleaned this wound and allowed God’s love to heal it. I have scars that remind me of all I have overcome in my life, but I will continue to learn and grow and never be ashamed for the battles I’ve overcome.

Don’t cover your wounds up any more. Let’s do what we have to in order to finish this race together and to do what God has called us to do.


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