My Impossibles

I caught myself the other day saying something was impossible. I realized it after I spoke. I serve the God of the impossible. Can I really say something is impossible? possible-953169__340

I am a realist. I can’t help myself. Things are black and white. There has to be a reason for everything. Stuff can’t just happen for no reason right?

When I was a kid, I was in choir classes. I loved singing back then as much as I do now. The voice is such an incredible instrument. I love singing. I wonder if my choir teacher back in the day would have thought it would be possible for this little girl to ever grow up and sing in front of people week after week. This little girl that one of my teachers had to ask to not wear skirts so you couldn’t see my knees shake so bad during performances. She probably would have told someone that me singing in front of people in the future was impossible! I still get a little nervous when I lead worship. I want things to go well and I want to take people into the Throne Room of Heaven and worship like they never have before, but I don’t get nervous about how I sing, or how I sound. Of course I want to sound good, but it doesn’t keep me up at night.

When I read the Word of God, I see example after example of God doing the impossible. He IS the God of the impossible.

open-book-981405__180There was the burning bush, and parting the sea, and healing all sorts of disease. He made food multiply! That seems impossible!!!

I need to change what I say. I want to believe for the impossible. I want to speak out and declare that God’s word does not return void. I’ve received promises that feel impossible. I don’t know how it’s going to happen. I don’t know how I am going to pay for things, or network with the right people. My mind thinks and rethinks and tries to make seemingly impossible things, seem possible. That’s not my job to do. If I have a promise (from God), my job is to walk the right path and the right way I am supposed to walk and not worry about it. The enemy wants to confuse us and to make us give up on things because they seem impossible to us. Don’t give up!


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