My Husband is not Yours to Take

marriage meme

I have seen this meme a few times on Facebook and even shared it before. I am pretty sure I laughed the first time I read it and thought it was a little obvious, but the more I see it, the more it really sticks with me. This should not even be an issue, but sadly, it is.

It also goes both ways. God will not send you someone else’s wife either. I think instead of bringing God into the conversation, you should just say that no matter what anybody else says, you are going to get what you want. You want to marry that person and it doesn’t matter if they are currently married. Until that divorce decree is legal, that man or woman is still legally married. Quit bringing the Lord into your selfish desires. You may think you deserve this person as a gift, but do you realize that you are only saying their current spouse doesn’t deserve them and you do? God isn’t saying, “Boy, Trista sure has screwed up in her marriage, time to send another woman Chuck’s way!” Not my God!

Yes God wants to bless us. He loves us and wants the best for us, but He will not go against His word. The church needs to respect the marriage vows first. We can’t expect the world to take us seriously when we do stuff like this!

Even if a man or woman has recently become divorced, let them grieve the loss, because it is a loss. Let God work in their life and let them find healing. It takes two people to make a marriage work or not work. No one person is ever to take the total blame for the marriage coming apart.

Women, respect your husbands and do it unconditionally. Men, love your wives as Christ loves the church. As Christians, we need to honor our spouses and our vows. The world is not going to do it for us. We need to lead the way. We need to be the light for the world to see. Our lives need to be a witness to the world and this sort of behavior is selfish and ungodly. Forgive us Lord!



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