Trust can be a difficult thing for me. Every person reading this right now has been burned by another person at some point in their past. I want to trust, but there is always that nagging suspicion in the back of my mind that nobody is truly trustworthy. The Bible is filled with scriptures about trusting in the Lord and not putting your trust in man, BUT what about when God puts people in your life that you are to trust. God places spiritual leaders in our lives and even spiritual brothers and sisters that we are to trust. God calls us to have fellowship with one another. I don’t believe this is us standing in the corner afraid to open up because of our lack of trust. I believe God wants us to open up and reveal our hearts to each other. I believe we need to learn to trust one another.

I believe that God uses man to do His work. God loves to use us. I believe this includes trusting God to put people in my life that I can and should trust. I believe we need to guard our hearts and listen to His still small voice when He gives us a warning about something or someone, but overall, we need to learn to trust one another. One of the big problems is that man is made up of flesh. We are imperfect and we do and say stupid things. We can be insecure and our tongues can do damage. There is not one person out there that has not hurt somebody at least once in their lifetime. I think most of us can say that there was never any intention to hurt somebody, but it happened anyway. Just as God forgives us for our stupidity and sins, we need to forgive each other. God doesn’t want us only trusting in the doctors to heal us. He doesn’t want us looking to man to provide for us. God is our provider and our healer. God is our everything and He provides our every need. If you have been trusting God for a financial breakthrough, God may provide a job through a friend. God may use that doctor to bring that healing you needed. God is a big God. He doesn’t NEED us, but He loves to use us.

I think forgiveness and trust go hand in hand. If you can’t trust people, maybe you should search your heart and make sure you forgave those who hurt you in the past. I have had to forgive those who don’t show any repentance for what they have done. I think most of us probably have. This doesn’t mean I am going to have tea with this person; it means I will forgive them so I can open up my heart to another person who God places in my path. This is a maturity level that we all need to reach at some point. My children will yell that they will apologize when they hear it from their brother first. As adults, we may not shout out those demands, but too many of us say it in our hearts.

Let us be quick to forgive. I’m not saying to just trust every person who you come across, but be smart about it and listen to the Holy Spirit guiding you. It may be a step of faith, but this week try to let somebody get a little peek at your heart. God doesn’t want us to be cut off from the world because we feel like everybody is going to turn on us. Trust God to put people in your life that love you and truly want His will for your life. Don’t be proud. We need each other.

Lord forgive me for allowing pride to keep people away that You have placed in my life. Help me to trust You above all. Forgive me for allowing unforgiveness in my heart and not allowing the love of the Lord in others to teach me how to open up. I desire to walk in the full calling that You have place on my life. I want to walk in complete freedom. Thank you Lord that Your mercies are new every morning. Today I will not only open up my heart and let You in, but I will open up my heart to another and no longer keep my light hidden.


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