This morning I watched as my husband took a new roll of toilet paper out of the bag and placed it in the vanity by the toilet. I looked surprised as I had noticed in these last few weeks the empty roll had always been replaced. I would go to use the bathroom and it was always there; with a full roll. I laughed and told my husband that I guess the toilet paper fairy was done with its reign in my house. I asked him why he didn’t put it where it belonged this time. He sheepishly looked at me and said, “You called me a fairy.” We laughed about it and he did put the toilet paper back on the roll. 

This was a great morning, but as my husband went off to work, his words stuck in my mind. How many times have we hurt those around us with our words? How many times have we joked about something like a toilet paper fairy when our strong, masculine husbands just want a little credit without the jokes and name calling? My husband was not upset about what I said, but he did enjoy my ‘thank you’. I consider myself to be a funny person and I love to laugh, but I don’t like to think that my jokes and laughter have hurt somebody else. I want to always show the love of God. 

With all that being said, I also want to mention that we do not need to always be offended. If you are the person who is always bothered or offended with people, you need to check your heart. We all need to toughen up and understand we are not all victims and should not have a victim mentality. We are made to be overcomers. When we are always being offended, we are too often looking inward. Let us try to show constant love. Let us always laugh together and be open to one another. 


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